Project  Report   of   the
Dep.   of    Cartography
within the Department of
Geographical  Sciences,
Freie  Universität  Berlin,
Prof. U. Freitag   &  staff

Cartographic Information System
on European Affairs  (EUROCIS)
and its graphic core
Atlas of Europe (EUROATLAS)

The Atlas of Europe (EUROATLAS) is the graphic core of the Cartographic Information System on European Affairs (EUROCIS). The atlas concept was developed and its initial phase implemented by the Department of Cartography within the Department of Geographical Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin. Please take a look at the

Project Report
with the aims of the Atlas of Europe and its technical implementation
(U. Freitag)
Maastricht '99 Abstract
"Europakarten für das WWW"
Kurzfassung des Vortrags für den Deutsch-Niederländischen Kartographentag
(K. Schröder & R. Schlimm)   &  Beamer-Präsentation
Example WWW-Maps

for screen
or higher
  • Staaten 1996  
      (National States and Sea Boundaries 1996)

  • Development of the European Union 1951-1997
      (Entwicklung der Europäischen Union 1951-1997)
        Javascript Legendwindow     GIF-Animation

  • The Top 100 European Enterprises 1996
      (Die 100 größten Europäischen Unternehmen 1996)
        Javascript Mouseover-Imagemap     Javascript Legendwindow

  • Flughäfen: Passagieraufkommen 1995
      (Air Ports: Passenger Traffic 1995)

  • Internet Hosts 1996 - 1998   
      (Internet Hosts 1996 - 1998)
        Javascript Legendwindow     GIF-Animation

  • World Heritage Sites 1999  
      (UNESCO Weltkulturerbe 1999)
        HTML-Imagemap     Java Imagemap     DHTML & layers

  • Experimental Maps
    by students
    Results of a project seminar 1998
    "Dynamic and Interactive Maps for the World Wide Web"
    Database Examples of Attribute Data
    WWW-Links Collection of Links to Maps in the World Wide Web

    Authors: Prof. Dr. U. Freitag, Katja Schröder, Reinhold Schlimm, Rolf Rissiek, Thorsten Werner
    FU Berlin, Germany.            Date: 06/17/97, last Update: 05/01/99