Cartographic Information System
on European Affairs   (EUROCIS)

World Heritage Sites 1999

This page contains a Java-Imagemap. If it is
working too slow, check the simple imagemap!

APPLET IMap.class:
The class file was taken from
How this applet works:

While moving the mouse over the signatures, the applet is labeling the sites.
The hot spots are linked to the brief descriptons of the World Heritage Information 
System at the UNESCO-Server (
Only for Berlin/Potsdam there is a detailed description available on our server.
	Bei Mausaktionen spiegelt das Java-Applet neben den meisten Signaturen Label ein, die
	zu den Beschreibungsseiten verknüpfen. Nur die Seiten zu Berlin/Potsdam liegen 
	auf diesem Server, alle weiteren Links verweisen zu den Kurzbeschreibungen der UNESCO 

On this server the following HTML-files are available within this project: - Cultural Heritage: c532potsdam.shtml c532sanss.shtml c532sanss-f4.shtml c532charlotte.shtml c532newpalace.shtml

HTML, Applet-Konfiguration, Graphik-Konversion und Pixelretusche: R. Schlimm